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Xia Quan (Cantonese; Hop Gar) Kun Fu is counted as one of the Southern styles of the Wushu. It however has a special place within the Southern styles because it originates from Tibet. With regard to style and performance Xia Quan/Hop Gar is notable for its wide stances, impressive looks, fierce and powerful punches and simple steps.

During practicing Xia Quan/Hop Gar, in order to intensify the strength and impact, certain movements are accompanied by loud, powerful yells. This way the strength is concentrated from the entire body into one point. The steps are quick and alert of character, and they cover a large area. With respect to the attack and defense techniques, in Xia Quan more emphasize is laid upon the attack. Most movements combine defense and attack within one movement.

Sifu Kong 2007
Xia Quan/Hap Gar training Xang Xing Quan Dae Quan
Sifu Kong 1993 Pou Quan Xin Quan Kup Quan
- Basis hand form of Xia Quan/Hap Gar Kung Fu -
Kung Fu film: Sifu Kong 1985 Kung Fu film: Sifu Kong 1985
Sifu Kong Kung Fu film 1985
Xia Style sword/Hap Gar Dan Jian Dao (Cantonese 俠家單劍刀)
Hop Gar Dao Xia Jia sword (Hop Gar Dan Jian Dao) is one of the traditional style exercises with weapons. It is one of the special weapons within the Xia Quan Kung Fu School. Although it is called a sword, it differs from a traditional sword. In this weapon the characteristics of straight-sword and broadsword are combined. The Xia Jia sword is thin and long, with a blade sharpened on one side. The practice of the Xia Jia sword is analogue to that of the Xia Quan style. Fast turns, powerful cutting movements and stabbing attacks in all directions give the performance an impressive look. It gives the impression of the performer being fearlessly present on the battlefield. This sword and the sword form however have been kept secret for years. Only in 1982 Sifu Kong showed it to the public during a competition.
Sifu Kong demo 1991
Xia Jia Kung Fu Weapon Xia Jia Dan Jian Dao XiaJia DanJianDao
Xia style sword
Sifu Kong in China 1983
Xia style sword
Sifu Kong in China 1983
Xia style sword
Sifu Kong in China 1983
Kung Fu woordenboek


Xia Dao in film 1984

Tradition special weapon "Xia Jia Dan Jian Dao 俠家單劍刀" (Chinese Kung Fu dictionary) Group Xia Jia Dan Jian Dao 俠家單劍刀 in film 1983

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