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Xia Quan/Hap Gar Kung Fu history

Xia Quan Kung Fu, in literature also known under the name Xia Jia Quan (Cantonese Hop Gar 俠家拳) has its origin more than 400 years back in Tibet, during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). A monk, who was meditating in the mountains, one day saw a monkey and a crane fighting. He was so obsessed by this fight that he began to study the movements.
The monk developed a Wushu style based on the attack and defense movements of both the monkey and the crane. His students further developed the Wushu and thus the style became known as Lama Wushu. In the middle of the Qing dynasty Lama Sing Long introduced Lama Wushu in the province of Canton. With this Wushu Sing Long 星龍長老 gained a lot of prestige under the people, amongst others by personally overpowering and submitting the notorious pirate Zhang Bao Zai 張保仔. Sing Long settled in Canton and taught his Wushu to Buddhist monks in the Qing Yun temple 慶雲寺 on mount Din

The first layperson who became a student of Sing Long was Wong Yan Lam 王隱林. He learned all the secrets from the old Lama. After many wanderings through China he settled in Canton in the South of China and founded a Wushu school. Thus the Wushu, which until then was only accessible to Buddhist monks, could be taught to everyone. In memory of his respectable master he called the Wushu style “Xia Quan/Hop Gar Wushu”. Because of the striking style this style became one of the ten largest styles of the Southern movement. Wong Yan Lam gained a lot of fame by defeating all Wushu grandmasters and therefore became the best of the “Ten tigers of Canton”, an exclusive group of the ten best Wushu masters of China. The legendary “Ten tigers” still are very well known among the people of Southern China.
foto; TV Documentair China.  Deng Sifu was teaching (was in 82 years old)

A follower of Wong Yan Lam, Wong Lun 王倫(王敬初), was a friend of the Wushu Master Deng Long 鄧龍. Deng Long was the most famous grandmaster in stick-form in southern China. But also in hand-form (Shaolin Hung Quan) he was a true grandmaster. The master had so much admiration and respect for Wong Lun’s Xia Quan Wushu, that he let his son Deng Gum Tao 鄧錦濤 study with Wong Lun. Deng Gum Tao not only became grandmaster of Xia Quan, but he also learned the Yang-style Tai Chi directly from the Yang family.

The Yang-style Tai Chi is the most famous Tai Chi style in the West. Yang Lu-Chan (1799-1872) developed this style after many years’ profound study of the Chen style. Yang Chen-Fu (1883-1936) the grandson of Yang Lu-Chan, and in the West also known as grandmaster in the Yang-style, brought this style amongst others to Southern China. Yang Chen-Fu’s eldest son was Yang Shou Zhong 楊守中 (1910-1985).

TV Documentair China;
Sifu Deng was teaching Tai Chi (in 82 years old)

This grandmaster cooperated with grandmaster Deng Gum Tao during the Second World War. Herewith the Yang family directly has influenced the Tai Chi that is now still taught in “The South Chinese Canton Kung Fu School.”

Deng Gum Tao’s son, Deng Zeng Gong 鄧鎮江, already at a young age won several championships in China (50's). At this moment Deng Zeng Gong is the chairman of the Wushu Organization of Kanton China and the vice-president of the Kanton Committee of the Wushu Federation. Deng Gum Tao and his son Deng Zeng Gong both are the masters of Sifu Kong.
foto van TV Documentair China; Deng Sifu was teaching (was in 82 years old)
TV Documentair China;
Sifu Deng was teaching Xia Quan KungFu (in 82 years old)


Master Deng Gum Tao with Sifu Kong 1976 Master Deng Gum Tao 鄧錦濤 師父
With Sifu Kong
(Canton China 1976)
Xia Quan Kung Fu brothers & sister (China 2006)
from left:
1. vice-Chairman; Kung Fu Federation Hong Kong
2. Sifu Kong; Master of Xia Quan Netherlands
3. Chairman Sifu Deng 鄧鎮江 ; Xia Quan China
4. Chairman master Lou; Xia Quan Hong Kong
5. Xia Quan Trainer China & vice-Chairman of Chy Lee Fat Kung Fu China
Meester van Xia Quan school New Zealand Sifu Fong;
Master of Xia Quan school New Zealand
- traditional Kung Fu Golden medal China -
(Kung Fu sister of Sifu Kong)
directrice van Xia Quan Frankrijk Sifu Liang:
Chairman of Xia Quan France
- traditional Kung Fu Golden medal China -
(Kung Fu sister of Sifu Kong)
Xia Quan China

Master of Xia Quan Kung Fu school P.Y Kanton China(left)

Sifu Kong; Master of Xia Quan Nederland

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